MariaDB Enterprise

MariaDB Enterprise delivers best-in-class performance, data security, replication, clustering and high availability. MariaDB scales from a single node to global scale, for any workload – from systems of record (OLTP) to analytics (OLAP), on-premise, or in any cloud: private, public, hybrid, or multi-cloud.
MariaDB Enterprise features advanced security features, high availability, data encryption, load balancing, and scalable performance options. It also provides dedicated support and maintenance services, ensuring timely assistance and bug fixes. Designed to meet the needs of growing organizations with mission-critical applications where high performance, reliability, and support are crucial.

Why MariaDB Enterprise

Enhanced Security: MariaDB Enterprise offers advanced security features such as encryption at rest and in transit, database firewall, data masking, and auditing capabilities. These features help protect sensitive data and ensure compliance with data security regulations.

High Availability and Scalability: MariaDB Enterprise provides tools and features like clustering and replication that ensure high availability and scalability of your database infrastructure. It allows you to distribute data across multiple nodes, handle large traffic loads, and provide continuous access to your applications.

Professional Support: With MariaDB Enterprise, you have access to professional support services from the MariaDB Corporation team or from certified services partners. This includes technical assistance, bug fixes, patches, and updates, ensuring the smooth operation of your database infrastructure.

Performance and Optimization: MariaDB Enterprise includes performance-enhancing features such as query optimization, query cache, and thread pool scalability. These features help improve the overall performance and efficiency of your database.

Developer-Friendly Tools: MariaDB Enterprise provides developer-friendly tools and integrations that simplify database management and development. This includes connectors for various programming languages, integration with popular development frameworks, and tools for performance monitoring and debugging. By opting for MariaDB Enterprise, organizations can leverage these features and support services to ensure reliability, scalability, and security for their critical database systems.

  • 24×7 support
  • 30 minute response for Priority 1 issues
  • Hot fixes
  • Consultative Support
  • Advice on best practices
  • Upgrade help
  • Advice on optimal configurations
  • MariaDB consultative support allows you to raise a ticket for wider requests such as seeking help on how to set up backups, do upgrades or make best use of MaxScale or to about MariaDB best practices etc.
Enterprise server

Hardened version of MariaDB with extra security, HA and resilience.


MariaDB software proxy that adds advanced data protection with a database firewall and dynamic data masking, high availability with dynamic query routing and automatic failover and query result caching with Redis integration.

Remote Observability Service

Automate and observe all database instances across on-premises and pubic cloud from a single pane of glass

Oracle/MySQL Compatibility

Enables compatibility with Oracle DB


Temporal processing


Analytical database engine adds interactive, ad hoc analytics at scale with columnar storage and massively parallel processing, transforming MariaDB Enterprise Server into a data warehouse or hybrid database.


Scale-out database engine adds elasticity and massive scalability on premises or in the cloud with fully distributed data and transaction processing, turning MariaDB into a distributed SQL database when needed.


Sharding database engine


Write intensive database engine


Hybrid Transactional and Analytical data processing

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